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What Is Pityriasis Rosea (PR)?

Pityriasis Rosea is a skin condition that is commonly seen in people of ages or about ten to thirty five years old. This condition can be very unpleasant because of the effects that it may have on the victim. One particular effect that it has is that it is very itchy and may also form a rash on the area that is affected. The condition may last for a very long time if not dealt with in the correct manner. While many experts believe that this condition may be caused by a viral infection, there is no concrete evidence that can prove this claim. Studies are still underway and hopes are high that if the cause is discovered, then an effective cure will also be found for this condition.

If you want to detect this condition early, then you should watch out for the symptom; one of which is the formation of a red rash on the skin which may become itchy after a short period of time. Symptoms of the common cold, interestingly enough, are also common in people who are suffering from Pityriasis rosea. The rashes that are formed due to this condition may become very itchy if not dealt with carefully. The rashes are also able to last for more than six weeks. If you are not sure of the symptoms, then you should definitely contact your local Doctor in order to get a more accurate examination which will reveal the truth about your condition.

One of the most encouraging things about this condition is that no serious treatment is actually needed for it to get healed. It is certainly very unpleasant and you will definitely want to get rid of it as soon as possible. If everything else fails, it is always encouraging to know that most of the cases associated with the condition usually heal after a period of six weeks without any real treatment being undertaken. To learn more about the symptoms and treatments of this condition, you should contact your nearest health facility or continue your research through the internet.