Acne Sucks

Acne Remedies

Acne is no doubt one of the most unpleasant skin conditions that can affect just about anybody. This condition is usually caused by several reasons, one of them is the production of too much dead cell which then gets clogged on the skin, making it a good place for bacteria to live. Another cause of acne is the production of a certain oily substance by the body in excessive amounts. This substance is usually produced due to hormonal behaviour. Acne has so many complications that can be associated with it. One of the negative effects of acne is that it can leave lifelong scars on the skin if not properly treated. Acne is also sometimes very itchy and may become inflamed, and that is why remedies must be sought and used as needed.

One of the most effective Acne remedies that can be used to treat this condition is lemon juice. This is a substance that just about anyone can make at home and use it to treat acne scars. Lemon juice is actually a kind of bleach and should therefore be used directly on the area of the skin which is affected. Rose hip oil is also another one of the things that can be of great help for those who have acne. This oil is rich in healing properties and can be of help even on scars that are over ten years of age. The oil is also rich in substances that are used in cell regeneration which means that it will help your body in building new tissues which will leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Tomatoes are also very effective because of the fact that they are very nutritious. Applying tomatoes on the areas that are affected will help the skin get the much needed nourishment and thus the skin will be able to regenerate and start looking great again. These are just a few of the acne remedies that you can use at home without any fear of danger or side-effects. However you must always be sure to consult an expert before you start using any procedure in treatment.