Acne Sucks

Acne Products

Various skin ailments afflict different people, but there’s one particular problem that seems universal – acne. This is the most widespread skin ailment the world over, yet, there seems to be no definitive cure.

Acne is particularly debilitating, both physically and mentally, and usually drives people to the brink of desperation where they hop from one acne product to another with hope of ridding their skin of the condition. It’s no surprise then that a lot of companies have capitalized on people’s desperation by marketing products purported to be ‘miracle’ acne remedies.

There is a multitude of over-the-counter products that claim to heal acne, however, just a handful of them are actually effective, for the simple reason that most of them are made from products that are not only ineffective, but toxic too. This means that you’re likely to end up with more problems than what you started out to solve. Understandably, this can be quite distressing, and it explains why some people take a cautious approach when dealing with acne products.

It is worth noting that the best acne products are ones made with only natural ingredients. Obviously, finding such products is no mean feat but there are some that have quite made their mark on the skin care product range. This is because their claims have been proved right in many different circumstances, thus, they’ve given hope to acne sufferers all over the world.

For instance, one of the products whose efficacy has been proven by thousands of acne sufferers is Proactiv. In fact, it has been endorsed by a host of celebrities. It is premised on prevention, other than cure. Its mechanism of action involves unclogging of pores, killing bacteria and then soothing the inflammation that results. It works in three steps and consists of a cleanser, toner and a repairing regimen. It not only gives fantastic results, it’s also easy to use.

Other products comparable to Proactiv include Acnezine, Acnefree and ClearPores. You should be cautious when trying a product for the first time because different skins react differently to medication. Any one of these products is indeed worth a try but its good to first try out a product on a small patch on the skin on your arm to know how your skin reacts to the medication.